Your user accounts are YOUR relationship asset – NOT Silicon Valley's

Turn that asset onto a revenue-producing universal identity credential, letting your users log in anywhere with YOUR brand on their credential.

Your users are YOUR users – so treat them in a way that benefits both you and them. With IdProvide™, initial sign-up to your site is free, creating an Osmio VRD credential – co-branded with you – that is a universal credential. You then share in follow-on revenue when your users later buy digital wallets and other items that expand the value of their Osmio VRD credential.

And IdProvide™ gives you the assurance that your users are really who they say they are. Our patent-pending Identity Quality Assurance (IDQA) system provides you and everyone else a way of knowing just how reliable is a user’s claimed identity.

What is Osmio VRD?

Watch the video at the top of this page for more about Osmio and the authority behind these certificates.

With IdProvide™ you become an SSO identity provider. No more passwords!

Put YOUR brand on a credential users can trust to protect their privacy

When your users log on to other sites and networks, they will see your brand. You not only share in follow-on revenue, you'll get credit – with every login – for protecting their privacy all around the Web and among mobile apps.

Put your users in control of the use of information about themselves. Your credential delivers a fortress of privacy as your users depend upon it more and more. Not only do we not accumulate personal information, the credential comes with robust legal and technical measures that ensure your users complete control of the use of information about themselves.

The big sites and social networks want THEIR credential to be the one to log the user in to hundreds of sites around the Internet. That not only promotes their brand – it also lets them capture all sorts of personal information, with or without the user's knowledge. Make it YOUR brand instead, providing assurance that their personal information and online behavior is safe from theft and snooping.

You'll provide the missing feature: Real privacy

We think the login credential issued by your site – showing YOUR brand – should be a universal credential. That builds your branding and loyalty. Even better, when you partner with us, the user's personal information is treated as their personal property, released only under license from them and only for purposes that they deem beneficial to themselves.

This is truly a privacy revolution. Your members will thank you for it initially, and even more as they benefit from its "network effect": the more it's used, the more valuable it becomes.

Best of all, enrollment to a universal credential can cost no more than the simple validation you use now.

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